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With the rising costs of health care, major medical premiums are increasing at a rapid rate.  Deductibles and co-payments are also being increased.  This creates gaps in coverages where supplemental insurance products help fill those gaps.
Supplemental insurance is additional insurance that helps you pay for things that your standard medical insurance doesn't cover.  Most supplemental insurance policies pay cash directly to the policy holder to help pay for out-of-pocket medical costs, loss of income, or living expenses.
The unexpected happens and when it does, it usually leaves a family financially vulnerable and stressed.  Supplemental insurance can help reduce the stress associated with the unexpected.  With less worry, families can focus on getting better and getting their lives back to normal.
  • 71% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Every :01 a disabling injury occurs in the United States.
  • An illness or accident will keep 1 in 5 workers out for at least 1 year.
  • Every :30 someone is diagnosed with cancer.
  • 1,500 people die of cancer every day.
If you are interested in finding the right supplemental insurance policies for you and your family, please contact one of our specialists.