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Someone is diagnosed with cancer every 30 seconds.  The American Cancer Society predicts that 1,529,560 new cases will be diagnosed in 2010.  One out of every two males and one out of three females will be diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 15.  The 5-year survival rate for cancer is up from 50% to 68%.

What do these numbers mean for you?  It means you or someone close to you will be diagnosed with cancer.  It also means that the survival rate is rapidly increasing with improvements in medicine and medical technology and with more than 66% of the total cost of fighting cancer being non-medical your major medical insurance is working, but it's not enough.

1.  Insurance shortfalls
     A.  Deductibles
     B.  Coinsurance
     C.  Out-of-network specialists
     D.  Limited benefits
     E.  Experimental treatments
2.  Special expenses
     A.  Transportation
     B.  Lodging
     C.  Special diets
     D.  Family care
3.  Living expenses
     A.  Mortgage or rent
     B.  Car payment
     C.  Utilities
     D.  Groceries
4.  Loss of income

To help pay for these items your choices tend to be the following:

1.  Life savings
2.  Friends and family
3.  Selling assets
4.  Supplemental insurance

That is where we can help.  Supplemental insurance can help fill those gaps.  Be sure to contact one of our cancer insurance specialists today.