Brissenden Financial Services, LTD.
Your most valuable asset is your ability to work and earn a paycheck.  What happens when you become disabled and can no longer work for that paycheck?  Your bills continue, your rent or mortgage and possibly even a car payment.  You can easily protect a portion of your paycheck with Disability Insurance.

  • Every :01 a disabling injury occurs in the United States.
  • An illness or accident will keep 1 in 5 workers out of work for at least one year.
  • Only 10% of disabling accidents and illnesses are work related.

Disability Insurance policies pay benefits directly to you while you are totally disabled and cannot work.  Our carriers offer coverage from blue collar to white collar all the way up to high end occupations like doctors and even professional athletes.  There are two types of disability policies:

• Short-Term Disability Insurance

• Long-Term Disability Insurance

And not all disability policies are alike.  Be sure to speak to one of our agents to help find the best disability policy for you.